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The Technician Internship is arranged during the summer holiday in the first year of the Postgraduate education(the second year of the Engineering Cycle) for a period of 6-8 weeks.

1 实习目的Internship objective

It is set to enhance students' ability to find problems in practice, analyze problems, apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems, develop the ability to connect theory with practice, and train initial skills in solving engineering problems.The internship locations mainly include aviation manufacturing companies, aviation maintenance companies, related professional maintenance companies, air transportation companies, air traffic control units and airports.

2 实习内容Internship content

(1) Aircraft design and manufacturing enterprises: In these enterprises, the students are required to participate in the translation of technical documents, preparation of project bidding documents, etc., to assist relevant engineering personnel to carry out tester design, engineering system or sub-system interface development, and to participate in company's pre-research projects.

(2) Aviation maintenance enterprises and related professional maintenance enterprises: In these enterprises, the students are required to assist engineers in the testing and assembly of aircraft and its components, to implement of A Check, C Check, the making of maintenance work card, the repairing of typical bending parts sheet, composite wet layer repair, engine blade borescope, engine oil system testing, disassembly and installation of key engine components, as well as the inspection and calibration of electronic systems and related equipment.

(3) Air transport enterprises: In these enterprises, the students are required to use specific knowledge to solve specific technical problems, assist engineers to propose solutions, including anti-corrosion process improvement, engine inspection and maintenance, simple maintenance and testing of avionics, database update and maintenance, development of flight information statistics system, paperless files, etc.

(3) Air traffic control institutions, airports, etc.: In these institutions, the students are required to experience the importance of responsibility awareness, risk awareness, sense of responsibility and sense of efficiency in relevant jobs by using the training platform of air traffic control and airport based on real operation scenarios and constraints.

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