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Worker Internship is scheduled in the summer holiday of the fourth year of the senior year (the first year of the Engineering Cycle). It lasts a period of four weeks.The internship locations mainly include aviation manufacturing companies, aviation maintenance companies, related professional maintenance companies, air transportation companies, air traffic control units and airports.

1 实习目的Internship objective

By engaging in the basic blue-collar work related to aircraft operation, maintenance and management, students will have an intimate knowledge of the basic operational skills in relevant engineering work, improve their practical ability, and be acquainted with the use of maintenance tools and equipment and structural principles, so as to cultivate students' awareness for labor, safety awareness, regulatory awareness and rigorous style, and thus laying a good practical foundation for future learning.

2 实习内容Internship content

(1) Aviation manufacturing enterprises, aviation maintenance enterprises and related professional maintenance enterprises. In these enterprises, the students are required to understand the rules and regulations of maintenance enterprises, to learn the maintenance tools using aircraft and their components, and to observe aircraft related components such as wings, landing gear, APU, airborne electronics, as well as the cleaning, repair, disassembly and installation of equipment, cabin facilities, etc.

(2) Air transport enterprises: In these enterprises, the students are required to understand the basic process of dispatching aircraft, to participate in pre-flight, post-flight and check-up works, to learn the application of 5S/6S specification in the maintenance process, and to observe the repair and test the related equipment and system.

(3) Air traffic control institutions, airports, etc.: In these institutions, the students are required to understand the tasks and working procedures of air traffic control and airport operations, to experience the complexity and seriousness of air traffic control and airport work, and to understand the sense of responsibility, risk awareness, responsibility awareness, and efficiency awareness.


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