Overview of SIAE
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Sino-European Institute of Aviation Engineering (SIAE) is the only “Aviation Engineer College” in China that was approved by the Ministry of Education and co-founded by the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) and the French Aerospace University (GEA) in 2007. SIAE draws on the French engineer education model, makes full use of the cooperation platform established by Sino-French cooperative colleges and enterprises, fully draws on the French elite preparatory and elite engineer cultivation system with a purpose of cultivating versatile, trilingual   aviation engineering technology and management talents featuring in profound mathematical foundation, systematic thinking, broad professional knowledge, engineering practicability, innovation capabilities, cross-cultural communication and communication skills.

The establishment of SIAE was not only the beginning of the cooperation between the Chinese and French governments, higher education institutions and aviation companies in cultivating the elite talents of China's civil aviation industry, it also marked an attempt to localize the French engineers' education system that is unique in the world and has distinctive characteristics.

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